Ribbon Cutting of National Child Development Center - A Priority project of Hon. Mayor Arsenia J. Lim.
Distribution of high-end computer units to different schools.
Solo Parent Livelihood Program - Basket Making with Mayor Arsenia J. Lim


1. Social Welfare and Development


A. Population


• Population is 46,233 with 9,203 households (2013data)


• Forty-two percent (42%) belongs to the working age group (15-64 years old) which means that the municipality has available human resources (skilled, semi-skilled and trainable labor force or productive population.


• Number of Registered Voters – 29,733 (as of July 2013 data)


B. Education


• Masinloc registers a high literacy rate at 98.1%

• Participation rate in government schools stood at 97%

• 17 Day Care Centers managed by the MSWD


• Preparatory Schools (10 public and 5 private pre-schools)


• Primary Schools: 18 Government and 4 private (NZC, SASMA, Masinloc Christian Academy and   Emmanuel Montessori School)


• Secondary Schools: three (4) government and three (3) private High Schools



• Vocational/Technical Schools: World Peace Thru Education (WPTE) and Renaissance Healthcare Institute (RHI) offer vocational/technical courses operated under the tutelage of TESDA.


• The LGU viagra en pharmacie in collaboration with the AES/MPPCL had established an Industrial Training Center for “Welding” located at Inhobol. This training center caters to Out of School Youth and Under-employed residents of Masinloc seeking employment. 


• College: Northern Zambales College and the RMTU-Masinloc Campus provide collegiate degrees & graduate studies.



• Special Education Fund (Personnel Services, MOOE and Capital Outlay):


o Masinloc South District: Php 41,900,000.00

o Masinloc North District: Php 41,553.000.00


• The LGU-Masinloc maintains the scholarship program for High Schools and College students under the Educational Assistance Program (EAP) with annual budget of Php 9,000,000.00.



C. Health Services and Facilities


• The Municipal Health Unit (MHU) is a certified "Sentrong Sigla" implementer. The Health Personnel from the MHU and the 13 Barangay Health Stations implement the RHU and DOH Health Programs.


• The MHU building was recently renovated to accommodate the increasing population of Masinloc



• Hired additional Nurses to meet the ratio of 1:20,000 Public Health Nurse to population ratio.

• Tapped the services of the RN Heals Program to serve the marginalize sector.

• The MHU implements the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 under RA 9482 that aims to lessen the risks of rabies contagion of humans due to dog & cat bites in Masinloc. 


• Promotes healthy lifestyle by expanding the program on Anti Smoking campaign of the DOH.


• Presence of 145 active Barangay Health Workers (BHW’s) provide assistance to the MHU Personnel in undertaking health-related programs in the community.

• Existence of the 24 hours service of the Masinloc Birthing Station designed for pre-natal check-up, birth delivery, ligation / vasectomy and minor medical treatment.



• Two (2) ambulances provide support for emergency health services of the populace.



• Nine (9) Dental Clinics operating in the area.

• Existence of six (6) private Medical Clinics including the Generics Drugstore and “Botika ng Bayan”.


D. Water Services

• Seven (7) out of 13 barangays from Masinloc covering a total of 1,436, (residential houses, 26 government offices and 130 commercial establishments)   provided with piped water services by the Masinloc Water District.


• The Masinloc Water District installed another water system project in Matalviz, Brgy. Inhobol to cater to the need for potable of displaced residents in the area.


• Other barangays depended largely on the underground water sources through pumps, open shallow/deep wells and pressurized pumps.



E. Electricity Services


• All the barangays (7,824 houses) including the San Salvador Island have electric services provided by ZAMECO II. 


2. Socio-Political Development


A. LGU Income (2008-2012):


• Masinloc is a 1st class municipality. In terms of revenue collections, Masinloc placed 1st in the province of Zambales and 42nd at the regional level. 





 2012 171,046,062.35 75,862,326.00 157,264,951.00

 2011 196,893,410.45 78,252,414.00 198,590,587.15

 2010 118,099,376.00 72,278,376.00 119,857,381.22

 2009 111,843,919.45 69,177,136.00   43,682,685.45 

 2008  82,440,589.66 58,096,807.00   30,231,976.66 


• The LGU continuously garnered top awards for 1st & 2nd class municipalities in the search for the “Best LGU Practitioners/Implementers of the Streamlining Program in Zambales in the issuance of Mayor’s/Business Permits” in Central Luzon.


1st Place -2007

1st Place-2009

1st Place -2011

2nd Place - 2012

1st Place - 2013

• The LGU had regularly established a “Business One Stop Shop” (BOSS) at the lobby of the Commercial Building to streamline and harmonize business permit and licensing processes. In 2013, a total of 812 entrepreneurs in Masinloc were issued with Business Permits and generated a hefty revenues of Php 3,160,568.00.



Degree of Sectoral Organization


• Masinloc has the most number of organized People’s Organization (PO’s) in Zambales composed of thirty-five (35) primary cooperatives, farmers/fishermen associations and other civic groups who were accredited by the LGU as potent partners in local governance. 


 The LGU thru the Municipal Agriculture Office actively implements the “Organic Farming” Program in Masinloc. 




• The Masinloc Municipal Cooperative Development Council (MCDC) is composed of Nine (9) active/functional primary cooperatives operating in the municipality. Likewise, other organizations / associations in the locality were federated per sector and became active partners of the Local Government in spurring economic development in the municipality. 


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